Frequently Asked Questions

What is included on the tour?

The price of your tour includes a safe, fun ride on our beautiful new 12-passenger van, guided tastings and brewery tours, a beer sampler flight at each brewery, attentive service and lots of interesting, useful beer facts from your knowledgeable tour guide.  We apologize, but currently we do not offer gluten free options like wine, cider, or hard alcohol.


If you would like to try additional beers at the breweries feel free. If you want to include samples that require an upcharge on your flight, we ask that you cover that cost.


Some of our private tours can also include stops for a full lunch or dinner – please speak with your booking agent for details.

What kinds of things will I learn on the tour?


By the time you’re done with our tour, you’ll gain a new understanding and appreciation for craft beer, the industry as a whole, the amazing people behind it, and the growing craft-beer culture here at the Jersey Shore. 


You’ll learn everything from how beer is made to why beer looks, smells and tastes the way it does, tricks of the trade on how to serve and taste beer, the history of many different beer styles, and how to impress your friends with your new found beer knowledge!

Is gratuity included?


Gratuity is not included with your tour price.  Service people at the breweries often work for tips and it is appropriate to tip for good service.

For your tour guides, tips are not required but are certainly appreciated if you feel they gave you a great experience. Industry standard is 15-20 percent, but any amount is appreciated.

Can we drink beer in the van?


No. The goal here is for a safe, fun learning experience, and we think you’ll find there is plenty of beer offered on our tours at the breweries for a fun time. Our tour is not intended to be a "Booze Cruise."


For bachelor/bachelorette parties and other private tours, however, where we offer door-to-door pick-up and drop-off, we can arrange to provide a cooler in the vehicle for you which you can pack with any beverage of your choice.

Can I purchase beer and/or merchandise on my own at the breweries?


Yes! We leave time for this on each stop, and encourage you to do so. We even have coolers with ice on the van for you to keep your 4-packs and growlers cold until the tour is finished. You’re also welcome to purchase extra beer to consume at the brewery, but please keep in mind that you do so at your own risk for excessive consumption, as we feel we provide a sufficient amount of beer that’s included on the tour.

Is food included on the tour?

No. Most of the breweries on the tour are production facilities and do not allow food in their tasting rooms.  Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar and Jughandle Brewing Co. in Tinton Falls are the exception. They have a restaurant located next to the tasting room where you can purchase food during our tour.

You are welcome to pack a snack to eat in the van between breweries.


We will have water bottles available in our cooler for purchase. And sometimes we'll throw in a special treat depending on the time of year.

What should I wear on the tour?

We recommend that you wear comfortable, closed toe shoes. We will be standing and walking around inside the breweries. Not all of the breweries are temperature controlled, so dress appropriately for the season.  It will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer! Check the weather and plan ahead. If it looks like rain, we recommend that you bring a raincoat and/or umbrella.

What if I don't feel comfortable driving home after the tour?

Despite offering a moderate amount of beer on our tours, we strongly recommend arranging for a safe ride upon completion of your tour. In the event you cannot, or forgot, we will gladly arrange for a ride from a taxi or Uber.   We will also be working with local hotels and can help you book a room if need be.


Remember, safety comes first!

Is the tour accessible for persons with physical disabilities?


We’re sorry this tour is not suitable or accessible for persons with physical disabilities. The tour van is not equipped with a wheelchair lift, and we cannot guarantee the breweries will be able to accommodate your needs.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?


We’re sorry you will not be able to attend our tour on your scheduled date and will make every accommodation possible to reschedule you.  To avoid being charged, contact us at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your tour.  We will do our best to accommodate one (1) date change of the original tour date.  Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the tour day will not be refunded. No shows will forfeit the full amount and will not be refunded.


Tours require a minimum of 6 passengers to run. Should tour registration fall short, you will receive a notification email with the option to reschedule your tour or be refunded your payment.